Monday, July 11, 2005

I did the good girl/bad girl thing again

Although this week I actually managed to knit a couple of hours on Monday night on the scarf. It's now very nearly as tall as I am. This week's WIP photo is of it in my work box again since there wasn't anyone here to help me model it.

Photo of the scarf I'm making for my stepdaughter

And I didn't quite spend as much time as I normally would have stitching on the butterfly fairy. I got side tracked by a book I started reading Saturday night and then had to spend all day Sunday reading to finish. The book is Sunshine by Robin McKinley.

Anyway, for comparison's sake, here is a progress photo from last week . . .

Butterfly fairy cross stith project progress photo

. . . and the photo from this week to compare it against.

Butterfly fairy cross stith project progress photo

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