Saturday, August 12, 2006


I have mentioned before joining the LSSK group on Yahoo! and this was a mystery cloth we did last week. It was designed by a list member. This is my first time working with cotton yarn and my tension leaves a lot to be desired. Even knowing what the pattern is, it's really hard to tell. Part is my wonky tension and part is the color, I think. But it was fun to do. The only thing I'd change is the garter stitch edge on each side. Since garter stitch works up at a different tension than stockinette stitch (which is basically what the rest of the cloth is), you tend to wind up with a sort of hourglass effect. I've pretty much switched to using seed stitch as my edging because it works up at the same tension as stockinette and is usually as effective as a garter stitch edge.

As you can see, I still have to work in the ends so it's not completely done yet. (I hate doing in ends and I let that sit until I absolutely have to get it done.)

This time Horus was protecting the poor wash cloth from the nasty camera. I think that shade of blue suits him, don't you?


Tati said...


It does suit him well. I still can't believe how huge Heru is.

Seitherin said...

He is such a camera hog. He must have been a prima donna in a prior life.