Saturday, March 15, 2008

Would you believe knitting content?

Yes, after all this time there really is honest to goodness knitting content on my blog. I can hardly believe it myself. This is about an hour's worth of work on the Argosy scarf from I started it at work on Wednesday during lunch. Let me tell you that it's really hard keeping count when you sit with a bunch of friends in the lunchroom at work and gossip. It took three tries to get it started without making a mistake. I'm not sure who I'm making this for yet.

Knitting project draped artistically over the shrubs in my front yard

It doesn't look like much, but it does pretty up the further along I get. I know this because I actually started the scarf last year before the finger business put a kibosh on my life and I had it about a quarter done. After the surgery and before the arthritis came along, when I thought I was fit enough to knit, I added a couple of pattern repeats only to realize I'd made a serious boo-boo. There was no way I could keep going with the pattern mistake I'd made so I finally frogged it on Tuesday and started over again. I intend for this to be my lunchtime project until I finish it.

And speaking of the finger business, here's a shot of me holding the yarn after I snapped the picture above. Doesn't really look much better, does it? I still can't straighten the finger, but I can use it for typing and knitting and holding things so that's progress at least.

Me holding a skein of yarn to show off the finger I had surgery on

And, yes, my had is a bit swollen. I'm back on blood pressure meds. The one I'm on now is a diuretic since I'm retaining over 20 pounds of water weight that I've put on in the last two months. That's apparently when the blood pressure went out of whack again. Oh, well. At least I can knit again.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh I hope it that the diuretics worked and it has gotten better. Good to hear that you are back to knitting again though!