Friday, April 22, 2005

Fantasy sampler

I worked on it at lunch again yesterday and today. You still can't tell much difference between what I'd already had done when I pulled the project out of my stash and today. I've stopped working on the pegasus and switched to stitching on the leafy inner border.

To prove it, here is the BEFORE picture . . .
Work in progress, cross stitch fantasy sampler

. . . and here is the AFTER picture.
Work in progress, cross stitch fantasy sampler

Not much difference, huh? Here's a slightly better picture of the section I've actually worked on.
Work in progress, cross stitch fantasy sampler

When I started this project all those many, many years ago, I was still basically a cross stitch virgin. I didn't know about separating the threads and letting them twist out. I didn't know about railroading. And I certainly didn't pay much attention to tension. Looking at what I'd done before putting the sampler away, I can see all sorts of mistakes I don't make today.

Oh, well. Despite how much I hate working on jobelin, the project is too far along to just discard. It may take me another ten years to finish, but, by golly, one of these days I will.


Tati said...

It's gorgeous! Nice work!

Seitherin said...

Thanks, Karen, but you wouldn't say that if you could see what a mess it really is. ;D