Saturday, April 30, 2005

Fantasy sampler

I worked on it at lunch again this week. When compared to last time, there is a wee bit of progress being made.

To prove it, here is the BEFORE picture . . .
Work in progress, cross stitch fantasy sampler

. . . and here is the AFTER picture.
Work in progress, cross stitch fantasy sampler

Those funny spots on the AFTER picture are the flowers on my sheets. I laid the project out on my bed since the cats were terribly interested in helping me with my needlework today and I really didn't want them snagging this.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I logged on to see your scarf patterns (thank you) & I'm glad I clicked on your Fantasy sampler. Makes me want to pick up that project I abandoned that is 90% done. Your sampler is gorgeous so far. mwyn

Seitherin said...

Thank you!

I haven't touched the sampler for two weeks. I've just been too tired from work to deal with it. I think I may just set it aside for the rest of this month and work on my knitting and the other cross stitch project, which I haven't talked about yet. The other cross stitch project is much easier to work on.