Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I have been working on it!

See . . . Five iterations of the lace pattern done.

Progress photo of the LSSK Missy Lace scarf

And as a special treat . . . Horus pointedly ignoring me 'cause I won't let him play with my yarn or my needles.

Horus reclining on the sofa in regal feline fashion


Tati said...

Nice work on the scarf!

Horus really looks cranky on that foto :-)

Seitherin said...

He was very annoyed with me. His Imperial Majesty thought he was immune from getting a swat so he was hugely offended when I gave him one.


Roseunicorn said...

first of all love the pattern.

As for Horace - isn't he used to being smack by the other felines in the house. Or just not use to Mommie smacking his behind.

Seitherin said...

He's the god emperor of the universe. Nobody smacks him.