Thursday, June 22, 2006

Just a quick note

The co-worker and her husband loved Abigaile's Afghan. The husband especially liked the colors because he was ready to overdose on pink.

I'm still working on the LSSK lace scarf but rather sporadically. I'm still very much in a reading mood and I seem to have settled on C. J. Cherryh for my author of choice at the moment.

And I've discovered a couple of shows on BBC America that I rather like. As a matter of fact, the first is about to start in about 6 minutes. That would be Waterloo Road. The other is Hex. I'm rather fonder of Waterloo Road than I am of Hex. I missed the very first episode of Hex so I'm a bit lost but that's never really stopped me before.

Anyway, off I go to plug myself into the TV.


Tati said...

Pink is a color that is easily overdone - especially with baby girls.

Not surprised to hear they loved the afghan - it turned out wonderful!

Seitherin said...

We had a baby shower for her at work and there was a manyfold vast over abundance of pink. I almost ODed on cuteness.