Sunday, August 28, 2005

My granddaughter's scarf

I've decided on who gets the next scarf - my granddaughter. Yes, I know I'm stitching the butterfly fairy for her, but everyone else in the household is getting a scarf so I decided she needed one as well.

I was having a sleepless night last night - note the timestamp on the pattern entry - so I decided to start the scarf in the hopes it would put me to sleep. It didn't, but I did get a nice bit knit after I decided what pattern I would use. Here's the first set of progress photos:

Work in progress photo of the scarf I'm knitting for my granddaughter

Work in progress photo of the scarf pattern

I had one skein of Bernat Softee Baby left over from my stepdaughter's scarf, so I'm using it for this one. I cast on 57 stitches which equals 9 iterations of the pattern plus one ending stitch and two Randmaschen.


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