Thursday, December 22, 2005

I officially have a stash!

Got lots and lots of yarn today. Two skeins of lace weight and five skeins of fingering/sock weight. And guess what? One of the skeins of yarn was a prezzie from the lady I get my yarn from. It was a wonderful, unexpected surprise and I love it. If you want to get some lovely yarn, do a search on eBay for kbrece.

My yarn stash

My yarn stash

My yarn stash

Can you tell I like purples, blues, and greens?

I almost forgot. The prezzie is the skein on the right in the back row in the picture above.

It's mine, I tell you! You can't have it! Away! Away!


Tati said...

I'd rather have the blue one anyway :-D

But gosh, you are going to be knitting up a storm!

Seitherin said...

The blue is gorgeous. The pictures just don't do the colors justice.

I've still got three more skeins of sock yarn in my knitting bag and the one skein of lace I've been playing around with.

I'm just a knittin' fool.