Friday, December 02, 2005


This is becoming an addiction. I've started my third pair of socks. In one of the multi-green yarns I got the other day. The lighter one, as a matter of fact. This one has a pattern as well although I don't think it shows up well in the photos. The book calls it twisted stocking stitch. It looks lovely in person. Basically, you knit one round into the back of every stitch and the next round is knit normally.

Beginning of a third pair of socks in shades of gree

Two knitting books, a knitting magazine, and the green sock

I got the two books yesterday. They are absolutely wonderful. I'd really like to get the other books in the Harmony Guides series. (Hint, hint, oh Best Friend of mine. The books are on my wishlist. Speaking of which, have you updated yours yet? Christmas is fast approaching, you know.) The magazine arrived today and is the first issue of my subscription to Interweave Knits. I picked up one of the magazines at a Barnes & Noble and thought it was neato so I treated myself to a subscription.

I've become such a knit-aholic.


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