Saturday, December 31, 2005

The last pair of socks is done

The last pair for 2005, that is. I just finished them moments ago. They will be for the Prodigal's friend C. I'll give them to him later tonight when the Prodigal gets home from work. They are a belated Christmas present.

Purple hand knit socks

Purple hand knit socks

The pattern I used, which is not at all obvious in the photos, doesn't have a name since I didn't get it from any of the pattern books I have. It is quite simple and very texture-y.

Round 1: k
Round 2: k
Round 3: * k1, p1 *; repeat * to end
Round 4: * p1, k1 *; repeat * to end
Round 5: * k1, p1 *; repeat * to end

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