Sunday, March 19, 2006

As noted elsewhere

I haven't done much crafty stuff this week because I've been working on rolling up a new D&D character I plan on playing starting this Monday.

But I have been working on the butterfly fairy at work. I have quite a bit of the white part of the moon done. I can get about a row of stitches done during those lunch breaks where I get the chance to stitch. I haven't taken a picture because it's just too boring for words.

And I've gotten more yarn for my now overflowing stash box. Three skeins are from Kindred Spirit Yarn and two are from another vendor. I was curious about her yarn so I bid on a couple of skeins. Needless to say, I prefer Krystal's. Given all the pictures I've put up of Krystal's yarns, I'll bet you can tell which is which.

Krystal's yarn in yellow, blue, and blue-green-purple mix

The other yarn in greens and purples and blues


Tati said...

That is some yellow - woooooow!
Love it!!!

Seitherin said...

It is. I've been stung by the "Spring" bug.