Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dragon Scales Scarf

Begun Saturday, March 4, 2006, and completed Sunday, March 5, 2006. The intended recipient is my sister-in-law.

I made a slight modification to the original pattern. I changed the garter stitch edges to seed stitch.

Yarn: Hand painted 100% merino wool in blues, purples, and pinks from Kindred Spirit Yarn, fingering weight, approximately 440 yards

Needles: Size 7 US

Gauge: Don't know, don't care

Size: Don't know, can't find my measuring tape

Updated March 7, 2006: The scarf isn't completely done yet. I still need to weave in the ends and block it. When it is finished, it will be a Christmas gift this year.


Tati said...

Hey! Blogger ate my comment yesterday!

You were FAST on that scarf - it's lovely. I liked the infos about gauge best of all ;-)

Seitherin said...

~ grin ~

36 stitches knits up very fast on size 7 US needles. I actually wanted to use size 8 or 9 needles, but I couldn't find those and I was too lazy to go buy a pair so I settled for the 7s.

I can't think why anyone would need gauge for a scarf. You make it as wide as you need it and as long as you want.

I still have to block the scarf and maybe by the time I get around to that I'll have found my measuring tape (or bought another one) so I can see how long it turned out.

Tati said...

I agree with you on not needing gauge for a scarf. Less of a hassle to knit without gauge.

I got my teddy bear book today and am delighted - did you at least get a few cents commission on it? I bought it through the link on your site, so you should have.

Anonymous said...

Oh, pretty. And what a great name. Your gift had to be a big hit.

Seitherin said...

Donna, thank you. I'm sure my SIL will like it when she gets it.

Karen, I'm such a bad girl. I haven't worked on the teddy bear since I took that last picture. But I'm glad you like the book. And thanks for clicking through to add $0.54 to my stash. At the rate it's growing, in 5 or 6 years I'll have my first $10 gift certificate.


Jonnie said...

You made that in a day??? Wow - very impressive and BEEYOUTEEFUL!! Might have to add that one to my list. Thanks for the pic!

Seitherin said...

Thank you, Anita. It really is a very quick knit. What's going to take forever is weaving in the ends and blocking it.


Anonymous said...

wow, really pretty. i like that you can still identify the pattern even though the yarn is variegated. so often the pattern's lost.

i've been crocheting for years, but only recently took up knitting. i want to do so much, but still don't know much besides the basics (and havent been practicing - reverted to cross stitch and crochet, go figure). maybe one day i'll use this pattern. ;)

Seitherin said...

I think this is a good pattern for a novice knitter who wants something other than just straight knit or purl. And it's a very quick pattern to knit up. I really like it.