Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More stash

Please be advised I have run out of room in my stash box.


Tati said...


Lovely colors! Happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are very nice. Do you have something in mind for them? Great colors.

Anonymous said...

oi. have some yarn! ;) the red's quite a departure from the previous balls. it all looks lovely, however. i hope you have fun using it all up!

Seitherin said...

Hello. My name is Margit. I'm a yarnaholic.


The picture just does not do any of these yarns justice, especially the red one. They are so alive and vibrant.

It's very much springtime here so my taste in colors has shifted a bit. I tend toward muted colors in the fall/winter and bright, bold colors in the spring/summer. The red is just plain glorious and I had to have it. Didn't have anything in mind for it. Just had to have it.


I don't have anything specific planned for any of the others either. They'll probably becomes socks or scarves. It'll all just depend on the mood I'm in when I pick up the yarn.