Saturday, June 25, 2005

Sometimes a migraine is a good thing

This weekend started out with me trying for yet another migraine to ruin it, but I nipped it in the bud. I took myself to IHOP for breakfast where I consumed vast quantities of coffee - as well as an omelet and toast - and then I went to the post office to check my mail and then I swung by the Hobby Lobby to pick up some DMC 425 and 426 which I was dangerously close to being out of. While at Hobby Lobby, I picked up another roll of 22 count Monaco so I can start the second butterfly fairy when I finish the first and the Shadow Knitting book by Vivian Høxbro. And when I paid, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the book and fabric were on sale. I walked away with paying less, including tax, for all four items than the untaxed, full price of just the book. AND, I don't have a migraine or even just a plain old annoying headache. So I'm off to stitch!

Craft supplies purchased at Hobby Lobby

And just for good measure, here's a snap of my lovely Gobzilla sunning herself.

Goblin sunning herself on the footlocker below my window

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