Saturday, October 22, 2005

An update at last

Between hurricane evacuations and business trips and getting used to the new work schedule, I haven't felt much like taking photos even though I have been stitching on the butterfly fairy and knitting on the scarf. So I've taken the time today to catch up. I have a new snap of the fairy, but I haven't done one of the scarf.

This is what the butterfly fairy looked like last time . . .
Butterfly fairy cross stitch project

And this is what she looks like as of today . . .
Butterfly fairy cross stitch project

I am beginning to doubt I'll be able to finish her in time to get her framed for Christmas.


Tati said...

Not finish it? Why not - you have six weeks until Christmas :-D

Btw, the H├╝ttensocks are made just like other socks are. The big difference being that one can be finished in about two hours (8 stitches per needle, total 32 for a size 8 1/2).

Let me know if you want me to write out the pattern for you.

Seitherin said...

I can only work on the fairy at the weekend when I have daylight to stitch under. I'm having trouble seeing under the artificial light in the house. I'd love to get one of those 'daylight' lamps with a magnifying glass, but I just can't shell out the money for it this close to the holidays. Gotta buy prezzies for everybody else before I buy for me.