Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where do I get my scarf patterns from?

This magazine that my mother got years and years ago when she was still knitting. She was going to throw it out but I took it from her even though it was in German. I remember enough of it that I could figure out most of the pattern instructions. The patterns for all the things I've knit this year, except for the open weave scarf I made for my XMIL, came from this book. The open weave pattern my mother showed me back in the Dark Ages when I was still a teenager.

Cover of German knitting magazine I use for pattern inspiration

Sample pages from the magazine


Tati said...

That book looks like a real treasure chest for ideas. I am impressed that you understand the german instructions.

Seitherin said...

The book has very good diagrams and there is a section in the middle that explains what the diagram symbols mean. Between those two, I manage OK. I can't really understand the written instructions beneath the diagrams, but I can pick out enough words that I can figure out what they're saying. Plus there are photographs of what the pattern is supposed to look like which is always a very, very good thing. ;D