Saturday, January 07, 2006

The thing I'm doing for me

This formless puddle of green lace weight yarn
Work in progress photo of Bird's Nest Scarf

is going to be a scarf based on the Bird's Nest shawl pattern
Work in progress photo of Bird's Nest Scarf with picture of image from book

from this book

that I'm making for myself. I've made enough socks for everybody else, I decided to make a pretty for myself and the scarf fit the bill. However, it is taking all of my will power not to rip out the 20 odd rows I've already done because I discovered I had one stitch too many when I got to the 7th row of the pattern. I'd counted my stitches twice to make sure I had the right number and I guess I made the same counting mistake twice since I'm one stitch off. It's not a significant error, but my German perfectionism is screaming at me and my American laziness is trying to ignore it. So far, the lazy American is winning.

I'm knitting the scarf on US 6 Clover bamboo needles.

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