Saturday, September 16, 2006

Long drawn out sigh

I'm still working on the socks. I have one completed and the other is about a quarter done. I've just been so exhausted from work the last couple of weeks that I haven't done much of anything when I get home. Or on the weekends either for that matter. Can you believe they actually expect me to, like, work when I'm at the office? I think that's terribly unfair.


Tati said...

That is the part that bugs me too. I don't mind going to work but when I get there they expect me to take care of all that stuff needing to be done..... :-D

Love that little graphic!

Seitherin said...

I was having an emoticon kind of day. I get all the best smileys at

Trixie said...

They treat ya as if you get PAID to have all that fun. Sheesh. :o) UNlike my job.