Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy feet

The co-worker I gave the last pair of socks to snapped a shot of her happy feet wearing the socks. I'm seriously thinking of making another pair of socks for her so she and her daughter don't have to fight over the one pair.

Co-worker wearing the green socks I gave her


Tati said...

That would be a very nice thing to do :-)

Love that green!

Seitherin said...

It would. And I think I'll do it after I finish the Prodigal's girlfriend's socks I'm working on right now.

Roseunicorn said...

Okay start a company and call it "Happy Feet" and the sell them on the side.

Add matching hat and scarfs for another idea!

Seitherin said...

Ah, but that would take all the fun out knitting. That would make it work instead of play.