Saturday, April 12, 2008

Argosy guarded by Horus and inspected by Bear

I haven't worked much on the Argosy scarf from I've been tracking time and I've only spent 4.25 hours total on it. I have almost eleven repeats of Section 2.

I tried to take indoor update photos, but, as always, Horus had to sit guard over the item and this time Bear had to come inspect it as well. Horus is very firmly sitting in place, but you can just barely make out Bear sneaking up on the ball of yarn just in case it is EVIL and willing to attack an unsuspecting cat.

Argosy scarf update photo with cats

I took an "unposed" snap of the scarf being held in front of my bedroom door as I was taking it back to safety. This one doesn't have any cats in it but it does show up the color mix.

A section of the Argosy scarf showing up the purples, greens, and other colors of the yarn

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