Sunday, January 29, 2006

It grew

I spent some of yesterday knitting so the scarf has grown some. I have completed two iterations of the 46 row pattern.

Progress photo of Bird's Nest Scarf


Tati said...

Very nice. The pattern and the yarn suit eachother perfectly!

Please explain to me how to "burp" jars - do you mean turning them upside down and giving the underside a good whack?

Seitherin said...

You burp a jar when you break the vacuum by using something like an old fashioned can opener to break the seal. Most jars have a bit of lip you can slip the pointy end of the opener under to force air in. Or some jars have snug lids you can use the other end of the opener on - like popping the lid off a bottle except the jar lid doesn't come off but it shifts enough to break the vacuum seal.