Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yarn, with occasional kitten

Three new skeins of yarn with Meli looking on

Three new skeins of yarn with Meli looking on

Meli peeking over a skein to sniff the finger I'm pointing at her


Tati said...

She is gorgeously cute and appears to have grown quite a bit already.

Trixie said...

Pretty kitty! I especially like the gun she carries on her back. A necessity for all well dressed kittens. :o)

Seitherin said...

"Yarn, with occasional kitten" is a riff on the Jonathan Lethem book "Gun, With Occasional Music". I didn't even notice the gun in the picture until you pointed it out.

This is so funny.

And Meli is such a sweety. She still hasn't figured out that Meli is her name, but she is a snuggle kitty. Of the bunch, she's the only one who really likes to lay on you. The rest like to lay around you.

Emily Scott Banks said...

I love the colorway on your kitten! Oh, the yarn, too. ;)

Seitherin said...

~ giggle ~

Meli comes in a colorway . . .

~ giggle ~