Saturday, February 11, 2006

Desperate measures

It's getting harder and harder to win the eBay bids on the yarn I like to hoard, so, in a fit of quiet desperation, I've looked up dying yarn with Kool-Aid (why do they spell it 'aid' instead of 'ade'?) and I'm going to try my hand at coloring one skein of cheap wool just to see what happens. I may or may not show the results of my experiment. It all depends on how hideous the results are. I also may or may not repeat the experiment, again depending on the results.

And speaking of yarn to hoard, kbrece has opened an Etsy shop - Kindred Spirits Yarn - to sell her wares.


Tati said...

Dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid? Interesting, though if the dye is strong enough to really dye the yarn permanently, I'd think twice about drinking the stuff. ;-)

Seitherin said...

From what I've read, for all intents and purposes, Kool-Aid is an acid dye and just about as permanent as any acid dye.

Anonymous said...

i've heard of dyeing with kool aid before, though never known anyone to actually do it. good luck, and i hope you post pictures - i'm really curious!

and i asked about the hoop/frame, so thanks for responding! :)

Seitherin said...

You're welcome, anonymous. If the next test run on the dye job turns out better than this one, I'll definitely post pictures tho' it won't be anything special since I'm only trying for at solid color at this point.