Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ever vigilant

Heru sitting guard over the four additions to my yarn stash that arrived today. As always, the picture doesn't do the yarn justice.

Heru sitting next to four skeins of yarn

The yarn on the far left is varied and brilliant shades of teal blue and turquoise. The yarn next to it is a lovely pastel mix of blues and lavenders. The next is very lovely soft purples. And the last looks very much like camouflage. Couldn't tell, could you?


Tati said...

I love the way he's sitting there - quite stoic!
Nice yarn - what have you been knitting or are you just continuing to stash?

Seitherin said...

Right now I'm mostly stashing. I'm still working on the Bird's Nest scarf, but not very regularly. I've been way too tired from work to do much crafty stuff the last couple of weeks.