Monday, February 13, 2006

It was a disaster

The dye job, that is. It turned out very, very badly. The biggest problem was the instructions I found did not mention how much Kool-Aid was required to get a 'saturated' color. I also had to use cream colored yarn since I couldn't find any white wool in town. I have since found better instructions and I will try the dye job one more time. I'm not going for anything fancy. I just want one solid color to see how it turns out.

I'll keep you posted on what happens, though I won't really have time to try the second test until this weekend.

Wish me (better) luck!


Anonymous said...

I just did some kool aid dyeing myself. I found the instructions on [] to be very useful.

I dyed the yarn twice and got a really saturated color, I do have to say that the stovetop method seemed to wrk better than the microwave method. (I re-dyed some yarn that didn't take the color well the first time. It started out gray and is now lovely shades of blue, purple and green.)

Grape kool aid (mixed with generic grape drink mix [the store was out of koolaid]) makes a nice purple and it covered up the gray nicely. I will be posting some photos of it on my blog either later today or tomorrow.

Seitherin said...

Thanks for the tip. I may just try re-dying the first yarn before I move on to another skein. I think I'll pick up several packs of Grape and see what happens.