Friday, February 17, 2006

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!

Would you believe this little bit of yarn is going to be a teddy bear? Doesn't look like much, does it?

One half of a knitted teddy bear body

I had already had half the body done and set aside when I realized I'd made a serious mistake on it. I frogged the piece and that little ball of yarn is how much half the body took. I'm almost done with the other half.

This is just a test to see how complicated knitting a bear is. I suspect the knitting part will be easy and the construction part will be . . . well . . . pardon the pun . . . a bear. I have no idea whether the local Hobby Lobby or even WalMart carry the safety eyes for stuffed animals or the joints to give them movable parts. I will probably find that out tomorrow. If I can't find any of that stuff locally, it may be a while before a finished bear wanders in and makes himself at home.

The pattern for the bear comes from this book:

The Knitted Teddy Bear, Sandra Polley


Tati said...

What a great project! I'll have to go searching for a pattern like that - it's so much better than the boring baby blanket I am knitting for my brother's expected daughter.

Seitherin said...

There are several books available for making stuffed animals, and not just bears.

And the knitting part is extremely simple. It will be the construction that's hard.